Bicycle front light 900lm / GIORA UltraBeam 900

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Illuminate your adventures with the GIORA UltraBeam 900!

Choose the unparalleled front LED bike light that brings you a stunning combination of performance, safety, and style. With a high brightness of 900 lumens, your bike will stand out from the crowd, ensuring safety and visibility on the roads.

Brightness that exceeds expectations: GIORA UltraBeam 900 surpasses all limits with its incredible light performance. This light will dazzle you, and with its intense beam, you’ll have a full overview of the road ahead. Regardless of the conditions, GIORA UltraBeam 900 will accompany you with strength and light.

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Product description

900 Lumens

Built-in 2000mAh battery

USB C - charging

Durability 2.5 hours

Adjustable light intensity

It weighs only 145 g

Giora UltraBeam 900 lm Bike Headlight is a revolutionary light that will transform your bike rides into a completely new dimension. With its amazing brightness of 900 lumens and the LED bulb’s durability of over 100,000 hours, this light provides a powerful and reliable light source that exceeds all expectations.

Small size, big impact: With compact dimensions of 9.1 x 4.1 x 3 cm and a weight of only 145 g, the GIORA UltraBeam 900 easily integrates onto your bike. You won’t feel any extra weight, while simultaneously gaining maximum light power.

Robustness on every kilometer: Resistant to the challenges of terrain and adverse weather, GIORA UltraBeam 900 stands up to the test. Its high-quality materials and reliable design ensure that this companion will last you for many years. You will feel confident and prepared for anything the road brings.

GIORA UltraBeam 900 is made of durable materials that withstand impacts, vibrations, and natural elements, ensuring a long life for the light.
This light is designed to resist splashing water and dust, making it an ideal companion for your mountain biking adventures.
The robust construction of GIORA UltraBeam 900 guarantees that the light will endure even under demanding use and won’t fail in the most unfavorable situations.
The 2000mAh battery capacity ensures long rides, making sure you have light throughout your journey.
The light is equipped with an intelligent energy consumption management system, helping you optimize battery life and have the light available whenever you need it.

Giora UltraBeam 900 lm Bike Headlight is equipped with a practical battery level indicator, providing you with a clear and concise signal about the current amount of energy. This indicator consists of four LED diodes that display the battery charge level.

When the battery is fully charged, all four LED diodes will illuminate, indicating 100% charge. This status gives you confidence that you have enough energy for a long ride and don’t need to worry about a light outage.

As the battery discharges, the illumination of the LED diodes will gradually decrease. Each extinguished LED diode represents approximately 25% battery depletion. For example, when only three LED diodes are lit, it indicates that the battery is charged to approximately 75%. When you see only one LED diode remaining, it signals that the battery is at around 25% of its capacity.

This simple yet effective battery level indicator provides you with information on when it’s suitable to start charging the battery. When you notice the number of illuminated LED diodes starting to decrease, it indicates that the battery is depleting, and it’s time to prepare for recharging to avoid an unexpected light outage during your ride.

With this practical battery level indicator feature, Giora UltraBeam 2600 lm provides you with precise information about the current energy status, allowing you to plan charging and always have sufficient light for your cycling adventures.

Quick Installation, Endless Adventures: We believe that your energy should be dedicated to adventures, not complex installations. With easy installation, the GIORA UltraBeam 900 becomes an immediate part of your bicycle. And thanks to fast charging via the USB-C port, you’ll never have to wait for hours before your light shines again.

The installation of GIORA UltraBeam 900 is fast and straightforward. Simply attach it to the front of your bicycle, and you’re ready to hit the road.
With the universal USB-C port, charging GIORA UltraBeam 900 is easy and convenient. Just connect the light with a cable, and the charging can begin.
Fast charging via the USB-C port means you’ll have the light ready for your ride in no time, without unnecessary waiting.
GIORA UltraBeam 900 is designed to be compatible with most bicycles, and its installation requires no special tools or technical knowledge.
The light is lightweight and portable, so you can easily detach and reattach it when needed.

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