Hand warmer and power bank / 4000mAh – 2in1


This is our new product on the market – a 2-in-1 heater and power bank. It is a perfect, gentle, and pleasant companion for your outdoor adventures in winter weather. The heater and power bank have a capacity of 4000mAh and support fast charging via Type-C or USB interface. The built-in LED display shows you the capacity and temperature of the heater. This exceptional product combines the advantages of a power bank with the hand warming function, providing you with unforgettable comfort in one compact package.

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Product description

Hand warmer

4000 mAh

Pleasant material


Weight 215 g

LED display

This 2-in-1 heater and power bank represents an innovative solution for those seeking a combination of practicality and warmth in one device. With a 4000mAh lithium battery and fast charging through the modern TYPE-C interface, this multifunctional unit allows you not only to quickly charge your mobile devices but also to keep your hands warm even on the coldest days.

The integrated LED display provides precise information about the battery status and temperature settings of the heater. Additionally, with protection against overload, short circuits, and low voltage, you can be confident in the safety of this device.

Due to its compact design and weight of only 215 grams, it is an ideal companion for trips, work, or travel. You always have with you not only a reliable power source but also a hand warmer.

This exceptional product will become an indispensable part of your equipment, providing you with the comfort you deserve in every season. Thanks to its neutral design, it can also be a great gift for your loved ones.

Come discover innovation and make your cold days more enjoyable with our 2-in-1 hand warmer and power bank.

Your hands will be grateful, and your mobile devices will always be charged. Get more than just a device – get a companion that offers you comfort and a warm feeling in every moment.

Praktický mini ohrievač rúk a powerbanka 4000mAh

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