LED Reflector with remote control 60W, 360° / Dragon’s Glow 60W

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Dragon’s Glow: LED Searchlight with Remote Control 60W, 360°

Enhance your vehicle with Dragon’s Glow: LED Searchlight. This high-quality remote-controlled searchlight is designed to provide intense white light, ensuring excellent visibility even in challenging conditions.

With the ability to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 120 degrees upward, this searchlight allows precise and flexible light positioning according to your needs. Easy installation into the car’s cigarette lighter and a magnetic mount enable quick and secure attachment to your vehicle without the need for screws.

Dragon’s Glow: LED Searchlight 60W, 360° significantly improves safety and visibility when driving in low-light conditions. Suitable for various types of vehicles, whether on land or sea.

Don’t forget to add this powerful searchlight to your vehicle and enjoy a safer and brighter drive with Dragon’s Glow: LED Searchlight 60W, 360°.

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Product description

Up to 37 Lighting Patterns

60W LED Light

Compact size

DC 12V / 24 V - cigarette lighter

Cable length: 0.5-2.9m


Benefits of Dragon’s Glow: Ultimate Automotive LED Remote Searchlight 60W:

High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality PC+ABS material, this searchlight is durable and reliable, ensuring a long lifespan.

Over 10 Flashing Patterns: It offers 37 different flashing patterns, allowing you to create various lighting effects according to your preferences.

Easy Installation: With screw-mounted installation, this searchlight is easily and quickly installable in the desired location.

Compatible with 12V/24V Voltage: With the ability to operate at 12V or 24V, this searchlight is suitable for various types of vehicles and marine applications.

Moveable and Rotatable: The searchlight is equipped with movement and rotation, allowing flexible and precise light positioning.

High-Performance LED Diodes: Utilizing high-performance LED diodes, this searchlight provides strong and bright illumination, ensuring excellent visibility in various conditions.

Enhanced Safety: Dragon’s Glow: Ultimate Searchlight improves visibility and safety during driving in low-light conditions, contributing to your personal safety and the safety of others on the road.

Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality lighting with Dragon’s Glow: Ultimate Automotive LED Remote Searchlight 60W and enjoy the benefits associated with its outstanding performance, reliability, and style.

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