Magnetic LED key ring 1000lm / KEYVISION 1000lm

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Welcome to the world of constant light with the LED keychain “KEYVISION”! This small yet powerful keychain is exactly what you need in the dark. With its intense light and simple controls, you won’t have to spend any more time searching for light. Its durable construction ensures that it will keep up with your toughest challenges. Order your own LED keychain “KEYVISION” today and transform your everyday light experiences. Just one use, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Product description

1000 Lumen

6W COB LED Light

500 mAh built-in battery

USB-C charging

Bottle opener

Capacity indicator

With the LED keychain KEYVISION, you ensure exceptional reliability and quality in both wet and challenging conditions. Its waterproof design means you don’t have to worry about rain or water contact, as the keychain is resistant to dripping water and moisture. Therefore, you can use it without concerns during outdoor activities, camping, or in typical rainy conditions.

Furthermore, the KEYVISION keychain is made of high-quality aluminum material, bringing an additional level of durability and resilience. The aluminum construction ensures that the keychain is resistant to impacts, scratch-resistant, and provides you with the assurance that it will last a long time.

With this combination of waterproofing and aluminum processing, you can be confident that your KEYVISION keychain will withstand even the most demanding situations and environments. Whether you use it during outdoor adventures, on the go, or simply every day, this keychain is designed to provide you with long-term reliability and performance.

Choose the KEYVISION keychain and get a reliable and durable tool that allows you to have light in your hands in any situation.

The KEYVISION keychain excels with its modern features that facilitate its use and provide long-lasting endurance on a single charge.

One of the advantages is the presence of a USB-C connector for charging. This universal connector is fast and efficient, allowing convenient charging of the KEYVISION keychain without the need for special charging cables. Simply connect the KEYVISION keychain to any compatible charger or device with a USB-C connector, and you can charge it easily and quickly.

With a battery capacity of 500mAh, the KEYVISION keychain offers long-lasting endurance. This powerful battery allows you to use the light for an extended period on a single charge. You don’t have to worry about the light fading quickly. Whether you use it for short tasks or longer adventures, the KEYVISION keychain provides light that lasts long and reliably.

Thanks to USB-C charging and the battery’s long endurance, the KEYVISION keychain gives you reliable and durable light without the stress of frequent charging. Simply charge it when needed, and you’ll have light ready for any situation.

The KEYVISION keychain features a red LED indicating a low battery and four green LEDs indicating battery capacity and full charge status.

The KEYVISION keychain is not only a powerful LED light but also a practical companion for everyday situations. In addition to its lighting performance, it features a built-in bottle opener, ensuring quick and convenient opening of a refreshing drink at any moment. You no longer have to worry about not having a bottle opener with you because with this multifunctional keychain, you’ll always have a handy tool at your fingertips.

The stand for the KEYVISION keychain is a practical accessory that provides a stable and secure platform for your keychain. With this stand, you can organize your keys in one place, making it easier to find and manage them.

Moreover, the stand allows for an elegant display of the keychain, making it a great aesthetic addition to your home or office. Its compact and stable design ensures that your keychain stays in place while providing easy access to your keys.

Whether it’s on your desk, dresser, or entryway, the KEYVISION keychain stand is a practical solution for keeping your keys orderly and accessible at all times.

The strong magnet on the KEYVISION keychain is a significant advantage for anyone who needs to have hands-free while working.

Auto mechanics and other professionals can benefit from this feature by easily attaching the keychain to the door frame, the hood of a vehicle, or any metallic surface. This way, they always have their tools or keys at hand while remaining free to perform their tasks. It makes their daily duties easier and more efficient. However, not only professionals but also ordinary people can use the strong magnet on the KEYVISION keychain to attach keys or other small items to a metal surface. This is especially practical when they need to have hands-free for other tasks but don’t want to lose their keys or have them get in the way. The strong magnet on the KEYVISION keychain provides flexibility and convenience wherever hands-free is needed, while keeping essential items close and within reach.

The advantage of the clip on the KEYVISION keychain is the ability to easily attach the keychain to a bag, backpack, pants, or any other suitable surface.

The clip allows secure and firm attachment of the keychain to various items, which is practical if you want to have the keychain always within reach and at the same time don’t want to worry about losing it or it falling off. You can easily clip it to the bag strap, attach it to the edge of your pants, or secure it to any place that suits you.

This clip advantage on the KEYVISION keychain allows you to have your keys always at hand while keeping your hands free. You no longer have to rummage through your bag or search for keys in your pockets. The keychain will be securely attached to your chosen item, making it easier for you to organize and access your keys.

Whether you need to have it with you during a trip, exercise, walk, or everyday travel, the clip on the KEYVISION keychain allows you to attach it to practically any suitable surface and have your keys safe and within reach whenever you need them.

Order your own LED keychain today and transform your experiences with everyday light. You will never have to struggle with darkness again because now you have your own light that will be your companion every step of the way.

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