Return policy

Relationships between the Seller and the Buyer – Complaints Procedure

The relationships between the seller and the buyer, according to this complaint procedure, are governed by the provisions of the Commercial Code if the buyer is not a consumer, i.e., acts within the scope of its business activities. The relationships between the seller and the buyer are governed by the provisions of the Civil Code if the buyer is a consumer.

The warranty period begins to run from the day the buyer takes possession of the goods. For products that require installation by professionals or a specialized service, the warranty period starts only from the day the items are put into operation. In such cases, the buyer has two obligations – to order the installation of the item (professional installation) along with the purchase so that the installation can be completed upon delivery, and to provide necessary cooperation for the installation.

The buyer has the right to complain about defective goods until the end of the warranty period. Warranty service is applied at the registered office of the seller, Posee, s.r.o.

Consumer rights arising from the law are not affected by this.

A mechanically damaged product must be reported immediately / max. 24 hours for goods sent by courier or post. Similarly, any incompleteness of the goods must be reported immediately. Later complaints of this type will not be considered. In the case of damage to the product during transport, the buyer is obliged to report the goods to the carrier. We are obliged to take out transport insurance only at the explicit request of the buyer. The buyer bears the costs.

When exercising a warranty claim, the customer is obliged to provide:

– the product with all accessories that were delivered with the product (according to the statement of the receiving technician).
– a copy of the delivery note, installation list, or service book, i.e., documents showing the manner of acquiring the goods, the serial number of the goods, and the day of receipt by the buyer – without this document, the warranty claim will not be accepted!!! (In case of non-delivery of these documents, it is possible to obtain these documents from our archive for a fee of €10 excluding VAT).
– documents on any previous repairs related to the warranty.
– a detailed description of the defect or notice of the fault and the name of the service technician who verified the fault.
– in the case of sending a complaint to the service with a courier service (DPD, post, or others), the package must be clearly marked as “COMPLAINT.”

If these points are not followed, the buyer’s complaint will not be recognized, and the goods will be returned at the buyer’s expense.

In the case of an unjustified complaint, all costs associated with its processing will be charged to the buyer, according to the current price list of Posee, s.r.o.

The cost of transportation to the service is covered by the buyer. In the case of accepting a complaint delivered as a package to the seller’s registered office (with the exception of the post, etc., when the package is not delivered directly to the seller’s registered office), Posee, s.r.o. will return it to the buyer free of charge!

After processing the complaint, the buyer is notified (by phone, email, in writing, etc.) that they can pick up the complaint. If the buyer does not pick up the complaint within 14 days from the notification date (sending the notification), the customer will be charged €20/day for each item of the claimed product (component) for each day following this period, as specified on the service sheet.