Ultraviolet battery – UV FLASHLIGHT SUPERFIRE UV06, 395NM

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Welcome to the world of top-notch performance with the Superfire ultraviolet flashlight.

This is an incredible accessory for everyday use. With this flashlight, you’ll be able to reveal previously invisible traces, such as food stains on the carpet, hidden dust mites on mattresses, and much more. You can even use it to verify the authenticity of documents and banknotes.

The Superfire ultraviolet flashlight is designed to withstand external influences and falls from a height of up to 1 meter. With this exceptional flashlight, you get a tool that will make your life easier and allow you to explore the world around you in a new light.

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Product description

100x LED

6x AA Batteries

Spectrum 365 nm

Long battery life

Aluminum alloy

Size 191x 78x 38x mm

Introducing our latest product on the market: UV Flashlight Superfire UV06, 395NM

This powerful flashlight is custom-designed for jewelers, professionals in fluorescence, anti-counterfeiting, and oil stain detection.

Quality Materials: The flashlight is made from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring its longevity and reliability.
Ergonomic Design: With an elegant and ergonomic design, the UV flashlight provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy handling.
Versatile Use: The flashlight is ideal for examining jewelry, revealing fluorescence, verifying authenticity, and identifying oil stains.

Quality and Reliability: UV Flashlight Superfire UV06, 395NM, is crafted with attention to detail, undergoes rigorous quality control processes, and guarantees optimal performance and a long lifespan.

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