Warning LED beacon for the car / GlowAlert 36W

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“GlowAlert Beacon with Magnetic Mount and 72 LED Diodes”

This beacon is equipped with a magnetic mount, allowing for easy and secure attachment to various vehicle surfaces, such as the roof or hood. With its 72 LED diodes, it provides a high level of brightness and clear light signals. The beacon is designed to ensure significant visibility, alerting other road users. Its magnetic base enables easy installation and removal without the need for permanent modifications to the vehicle. The GlowAlert Beacon is a reliable companion for vehicles in various situations, including traffic signaling, rescue operations, or roadwork.”

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Product description

72 LEDs

36W LED Light

150*120*100 mmm

DC 12V - cigarette lighter

Cable length: 0.5-2.9m


Maják GlowAlert is truly a versatile and powerful warning tool that combines a plethora of useful features for various needs. Here is a summary of all its attributes:

Exceptional brightness: The beacon is equipped with 72 LED diodes that provide bright and visible light in various conditions and distances.

Robust ABS plastic design: The beacon is made of high-quality ABS plastic, ensuring resistance to impacts, water, and corrosion. This sturdy material protects the beacon from damage and extends its lifespan.

Auto On/Off: The beacon automatically turns on when the vehicle starts, ensuring easy and convenient operation without manual control.

Easy mode switching: The beacon offers various lighting modes, such as flashing, steady lighting, and more. By pressing the switch, you can easily change the mode according to the current situation.

Integrated magnet: The beacon is equipped with a magnet that allows easy and secure attachment to metallic surfaces of vehicles, machinery, or other surfaces in industrial environments.

Adjustable cable length: The beacon’s cable is adjustable, allowing you to customize its length from 0.5 meters to 2.9 meters. This flexibility enables optimal placement of the beacon in various situations.

Suitable for industry and vehicles: GlowAlert Beacon is ideal for use in industrial environments and on vehicles, providing prominent warning signaling and enhancing safety.

Warning: It’s essential to note that the GlowAlert Beacon is not intended for submersion in water. It is crucial to follow these instructions for proper and safe use.

GlowAlert Beacon is a great companion for anyone in need of reliable and efficient warning signaling. Its powerful lighting features, practical functions, and durable design make it an indispensable tool in various industrial environments and on vehicles.

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