Wholesale Cooperation Terms for the eLEDshop.com e-commerce website:


1. Registration:

a. To initiate cooperation, it is necessary to register on our website www.eLEDshop.sk and provide the required information, including the business registration number.

b. Upon successful registration, we will verify your information and confirm your wholesale partner status.


2. Wholesale Prices:

a. After obtaining the wholesale partner status, special wholesale prices will be displayed for you.

b. Prices may be adjusted based on the ordered quantity of goods or the regularity of orders.


3. Minimum Order Volume:

a. We will determine a minimum order volume that must be met to qualify for wholesale prices.

b. Failure to reach the minimum order volume may result in reconsideration of your wholesale partner status.


4. Payments:

a. Payments for ordered goods will be sent according to agreed-upon payment terms.

b. In case of payment issues, we may suspend or cancel your wholesale partnership.


5. Shipping:

a. Shipping costs will be charged separately and depend on your location and order volume.

b. You can choose your own carrier or use our recommended partners.


6. Complaints and Returns:

a. In the case of defective goods, you have the right to file a complaint and seek compensation or exchange of goods in accordance with applicable laws and our complaint conditions.

b. Rules for returning goods are outlined in our General Terms and Conditions.


7. Personal Data Protection:

a. Your personal data will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We ensure that your data will not be shared with third parties.


8. Termination of Cooperation:

a. We reserve the right to terminate your wholesale partnership in case of violation of our terms or failure to meet the minimum order volume.

b. You also have the right to terminate cooperation with us by providing reasonable advance notice.


9. Changes to Terms:

a. These wholesale cooperation terms may be updated and changed without prior notice.

b. Updated terms will be published on our website.


10. Final Provisions:

a. These terms form the basis of our wholesale cooperation and replace all previous agreements, written or oral, between us and you.

b. In case of discrepancies, we adhere to the applicable laws and regulations of your state.